The blog Entreprenante Afrique was officially launched on Thursday, November 15, with a conference gathering journalists, bloggers, and the blog’s founding partners: Investisseurs & Partenaires, the Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development (Ferdi) and the Club Africain des Entrepreneurs. 

Jean-Michel Severino, President of Investisseurs & Partenaires, Patrick Guillaumont, President of the Ferdi, and Sidi Khalifou, Mauritanian entrepreneur and President of the Club Africain des Entrepreneurs, were present to introduce the blog and explain its objectives in terms of advocacy and militancy.

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Jean-Michel Severino, President of Investisseurs & Partenaires

“This blog is a follow-up to the book Entrepreneurial Africa, because it seemed important to us to have a more dynamic, ongoing tool. We hope that the blog will be useful in improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and in combating the isolation that business leaders on the continent can face.”

“We see many possible synergies between the academic world and operational activities – and that is why this partnership with Ferdi on the one hand, and the Club Africain des Entrepreneurs on the other – is so important to us. Through the Club and our activities at I&P, we are in direct contact with a group of entrepreneurs who embody this operational dimension. It is crucial to involve the entrepreneurs themselves with us on this blog project, as they are the first to be concerned!”


Sidi Khalifou, President of the Club Africain des Entrepreneurs

“Communication actions such as this blog are crucial for entrepreneurs, not only to create new connections between us, but also to allow us to express ourselves. The impact and added value of entrepreneurs is still insufficiently recognized in Africa.”

“This blog can be a good way to reach public operators, a difficult target to reach for entrepreneurs.”


Patrick Guillaumont, President of the Ferdi

“The creation of this blog is a new experience for the Ferdi, but is part of a longstanding cooperation with I&P.”

“The Ferdi is deeply connected with the African public sector, but the blog gives us the chance to interact more directly with the entrepreneurs themselves: it is a unique opportunity for a research institution like ours to be able to be aware of and answer (if possible) the questions that entrepreneurs may have.”